Chrissy Teigen Literally Bowed To Beyoncé And Called Her ‘My Queen’

What, like you wouldn't have done the same?!

If you’re lucky enough to see Beyoncé in person, you don’t just flippantly wave at her from across the room. Like all dutiful subjects, you must approach her with reverence and respect — and, if you’re Chrissy Teigen, maybe even bow at her feet.

The relatable model remained ever-so-relatable while appearing on The Tonight Show on Tuesday (January 30), where she gave Jimmy Fallon a play-by-play of her flustered encounter with Beyoncé at the Grammys.

“There's nobody like seeing Beyoncé in person. It's just so incredible,” Teigen said. “The aura that comes around her. I mean, she just emits this aura that's spectacular.”

Before the soon-to-be mother of two and husband John Legend left the ceremony for the evening — a “sober Grammys is a different type of Grammys for me,” she joked — they decided to say goodbye to Beyoncé and Jay-Z. And that’s where things took an awkward turn.

“I took both her hands ― I don’t do this for anybody, it was very weird ― and John’s like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’” Teigen recalled. “I took her hands and I got down on my knees and I was like, ‘Sorry to bother you, My Queen.’ Like, who says that?!”

Teigen didn’t share how Bey reacted to her over-the-top royal greeting, but we can only imagine that Blue Ivy advised her to settle down and keep her cool.