Think Wale Has A Bad Temper? Blame Jerry Seinfeld

It all makes sense now.

Remember that time Wale got really pissed that he didn't make Complex's list of the 50 Best Albums of 2013? Well, it's strange if you don't, because the DMV rapper completely lost it, and railed one of the site's writers in a phone call that's since been recorded and distributed on the Internet.

Anyway, turns out that whole outburst wasn't exactly Wale's fault. Jerry Seinfeld is to blame.

Poor Wale was just trying to keep calm and carry on, but then Seinfeld sat him down inside a coffee shop and convinced him to call up Complex and mouth off.

C'mon Jerry, friends don't let friends drunk dial, or make angry phone calls to publications in the middle of the day.

Watch the clip above to see the odd couple poke fun of the infamous phone call and read their new Complex cover story here. Expect more collaboration from these two, on Wale's upcoming LP The Album About Nothing.

Hear Wale open about about the album below.

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