Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy' Video Is Basically An Exact Replica Of 'Clueless'

Iggy brings a new attitude to the '90s cult classic.

The newest music video from Iggy Azalea, "Fancy," dropped on Tuesday (March 4), giving viewers an inside look at the high-class, high school lifestyle of Iggy (a.k.a. Cher) and her girls of Bel Air -- circa 1995.

With Director X at the helm, the video is a throwback to '90s teen blockbuster Clueless but with subtle changes that are exemplary of Iggy's artistic style. The Aussie rapper makes a case for why she's The New Classic.

The opening scene shows Iggy getting ready for school in a way only a true privileged princess would. But instead of Cher's original remote control closet from the film, Iggy opts for an app to match her with a canary yellow plaid ensemble for the day.

The next shot mimics that, like, totally diplomatic debate scene between Cher and Amber in the original flick. Iggy and her counterpart stand at podiums in the front of a class of blasé students and their unimpressed professor.

But did you think a bodacious femcee that's known for raunchy lyrics would portray Cher's "good little rich girl" image? As if! Instead, Iggy exudes confident sex appeal, flipping her golden locks relentlessly and shaking it in her pleated skirt.

Charli XCX sings the chorus while we see lunchtime antics and girls in cute tennis outfits -- all nearly identical to the 1995 film. They even managed to nail the iconic scene of Dionne, Murray and Cher freaking out about getting on the highway during a driving lesson, complete with a shot of Murray's metal-mouth scream.

The fun, high school party scene takes the video to a whole new level, thanks to some red cups, cute choreo and classic teenage debauchery.

Iggy has become known for visually appealing and concept driven music videos in the past such as "Bounce" and "Murda Bizness". And as seen we've seen on MTV Retromania, she's not afraid to show off her acting chops.

With her debut album out in April, tour dates announced and an mtvU Woodie Awards performance lined up, it's clear that Iggy is working harder than ever and making a play to become Queen Bee of female MCs.

Found any Clueless similarities that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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