Harley Quinn's Infamous Jester Suit Is In 'Suicide Squad' After All

Did you spot it in the latest <i>Suicide Squad</i> trailer?

Ever since her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn has become one of the fan-favorite supporting characters in the Bat Family -- and now that she's getting a huge role in the upcoming Suicide Squad flick, fans are paying even closer attention to the unhinged troublemaker. As psyched as we are to see Harley take center stage in the Warner Bros. ensemble, we're a little bummed that her iconic jester suit didn't make the cut ... or did it?

Over on Reddit, eagle-eyed fan eobardthawne42 spotted Harley's infamous black-and-red jester suit randomly hidden in a frame from the latest Suicide Squad trailer.

Warner Bros.

Harley Quinn Jester

Do you see it discarded next to her crate?

Warner Bros.

Harley Quinn Jester

Easter Egg spotted!

The wacky villainess made her debut in Episode 8 of Batman: The Animated Series. Originally conceived as a one-off character, Harley has since taken the superhero world by storm with her bright personality and penchant for crime. She even parlayed her success into her very own DC Comics series.

Her black-and-red jester suit has been as fundamental to her character as her unhealthy obsession with the Joker, which is way too problematic for us to get into right now.

harley quinn and the joker