VMA 2011: Red Carpet Fashion Live Blog!

8:56 pm - Running into the bathroom to change with Kreayshawn to check out her next ensemble. All black and white Marco Marco vest and Ashton Michael pants.

8:53 pm - Whoa speculation is running wild about why Beyonce's gown was not as skintight as usual.

Beyonce at the 2011 VMAs.

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8:45 pm - Beyonce! Scarlet, long, drapey, stunning. One shouldered. An absolute vision of poise. One of the decidedly more dressed up looks. Also, her stylist was fully holding the back of her skirt so it wouldn't drag. It could've been MEEEEEEE. #jobs

8:44 pm - Sooo... Jared Leto just walked in. Black, white, shades and what looks from the side like a SKIRT/APRON situation. *call me*

Justin Bieber at the 2011 VMAs.

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8:39 pm - Justin Bieber!!!!! Red jeans, glasses and giving the Game a pound. His glasses are so Cuban missile crisis in a HOT way.

8:38 pm - Lil Mama in Sherri Hill again! Shattered crystals, sequins and Jeffrey Campbell cut out wedges that I can't believe I'm blanking on the name for.

8:37 pm - Uuuum, Russell Brand is 11 feet tall.

8:35 pm - Miley Cyrus is here and the crowd is yelling. Or I am having a stroke in a very unpredictable way.

Tyler the Creator and Odd Future at the 2011 VMAs.

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8:30 pm - ODD FUTURE. You guys are gonna die over Tyler's shirt. Supreme cap as usual.

8:29 pm - Chord Overstreet in a plain white V neck, slim blazer and waxed black jeans. Bet this kid's hair tastes like almonds.

8:25 pm - LMFAO making some subtle, nuanced fashion choices as per their usual sedate aesthetic. JK. There are wings and capes and enough shiny things to make magpies have seizures. And a confetti gun that alarmed all when fired. #shotsshotsshots

8:21 pm - Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose! She's in a white romper and the best DNA. Gold pumps. Whoa. Amber Rose's dress was ruined so she threw a white romper on. It's by a Brazilian designer from Montreal. Also Wiz's belt is an enormous gold chain.

8:20 pm - Andrew Dice Clay in an embossed crocodile leather vest. Also, Kreayshawn and ADC hugging is not something I thought I'd see before I died.

Snooki at the 2011 VMAs.

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8:16 pm - SNOOOOOKS. In a brown and orange sleeveless cocktail dress with a gold overlay that looks like antlers. Ten. Point. Buckbuckbuck! Also totally wearing matchy poo shoes with Deena.

8:14 pm - Jonah Hill is mad skinny FYI. Rolex watch, too ladies and wingtip boots and a brown leather jacket.

Deena Cortese at the 2011 VMAs.

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8:12 pm - Deena in rainbow sequins mini dress. She says it shows her personality. Gold glitter platform heels. The highlights in her hair offset the rainbow stripes.

8:12 pm - JWOWW in sequins with a BLaDOW neckline. Bell sleeves and shine on her shoes, clutch.

8:11 pm - Awww Vinny's wearing a gingham shirt with a checkered gray suit. Little scruff. Also, hola hint of chest tattoo.

8:10 pm - Pauly D in all black, GQ look, and Gucci shoes. A diamond-flooded watch, of course.

8:09 pm - Next up the cast of Jersey Shore!

Ne-Yo at the 2011 VMAs.

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8:08 pm - Ne-Yo is also in sparkles. Man, V-neck, sweater sparkles.

8:01 pm - Ruh ro. Rick Ross is here. Um. He's wearing a sweater vest? Also, yelling?

7:56 pm - Also Kreayshawn is cracking her up really hard about accessory stabbings. Oh. Bonus: Zoe's dress has, wait for it, POCKETS. You know I luh that.

Zoe Saldana at the 2011 VMAs.

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7:54 pm - Zoe Saldana also in black, leather, short and sequins with leather cap sleeves. Tricky but exquisite when pulled off. Balenciaga heels. Oh, wow. Zoe is Barbara Bui with a slender cut out in the back. Also, the black panels are wool tweed, and she's not sweating at all.

7:51 pm - Oh hay, Kelly Rowland also in feathers, sheer sleeves and gold metal. Real talk one of the STRONGEST looks of the night. She is literally dripping in nuggs of gold. And a dramatic low V in front.

7:49 pm - Victoria Justice in metallic sequins and sleek blown out hair. Thayer dress and Rock and Republic shoes. Oh, AND matching metallic gold nails. Minx? Is that yous?

7:48 pm - Whoa Nayer is wearing a red hot onesie. With palazzo pants and a strong shoulder. Her curves are ridonk. For the record.

7:43 pm - Oh man Tyga is wearing paisley house slippers and so. Much. Gold.

JWOWW at the 2011 VMAs.

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7:36 pm - Word is JWOWW's dress is out of control. Can't wait to peep it.

7:35 pm - Young The Giant is all about the low scoop tees. Mansternum with a little fluff is the move. Omnom.

7:33 pm - The Black Keys also on black jeans and a leather jacket. The uniform for all our hot dudes tonight.

7:31 pm - Kat Deluna looks amazing. Giuseppe Zanotti accessories. A body con dress with waist length blonde hair. Her freckles are 'dorbz.

7:29 pm - Tyler Posey in a modified leather moto. Looks like buttah. It's untoward if I lick him right? Actually, moto jackets for the ENTIRE cast of Teen Wolf. Waxed cotton, brown leather, black leather. Brown on our beautiful bronze Tyler.

7:28 pm - Lol JC Chasez in the HAUS.

Pete Wentz at the 2011 VMAs.

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7:27 pm - Pete Wentz went ladies and gentlemen. More patent leather black shoes for guys and a charcoal narrow suit. None of the scruff. So clean.

7:25 pm - Lulu Guinness clutch for Victoria. It's all very Mad Men. Plus, the structure of her skirt is so Dior new look. Some of the labels: Givenchy, Lanvin, Burberry for the boys.

7:20 pm - Cobra Starship! I am dying over how narrow everyone's ties are. Also patent black shoes for guys rule my heart. Oh, I love how shiny everyone's shoes are.

7:16 pm - Guys. I am seeing more trucker hats than I am comfortable with. #noshots

Selena Gomez at the 2011 VMAs.

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7:10 pm - Selena Gomez is wearing a long, dramatic lace PLUNGING back dress. The crowd is losing their minds. Also, when she was talking to Tyler Posey a cute portal cracked open and we all died. I MEAN. Seriously it released an emoji cloud of magic. It smells like cookies everywhere now. Where is Bieber????

Rebecca Black at the 2011 VMAs.

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7:07 pm - Oh snap. It's Rebecca Black. It seems short and shimmery black is the look. Theory black satin jacket, satin black hotpants and Louboutin lace overlay heels. Man, killer gams.

7:05 pm - Brian's the guy behind Beyonce's bananas leggings.

7:03 pm - OMG one of the girl's had a jacket with Velcro acrylic gold and silver shards.

7:02 pm - Destiny and Paris opening for Britney. Brian Lichtenberg and glittery gold shoes! Oooooh, Prada shuz.

Jojo at the 2011 VMAs.

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7:01 pm - Jojo is wearing Marco Marco. Black leather, lace ups, gathers. Bustier. Major. Oh man, the butt pads are off the chain. Summer fishtail fringe braid.

7:00 pm - Lenay Dunn from "10 On Top" in a satin black dress and sequin bows. Plus, a blue streak in her blond hair.

6:59 pm - Liz Lee: "I don't know how to walk in heels. Sometimes I wish I knew."

6:58 pm - Oh no! Liz Lee's dress tore in the back :( She's taking it like a champ.

6:55 pm - MTV's Liz is swaddled in shimmering silk and Dr. Martens just like Jessie J from yesterday. Classic black 8 holes.

6:54 pm - Everyone is WILD jealous that Kreay's rocking flats. I amongst them.

6:53 pm - Patent leather nude platforms, and her skin is glowing. Mmmmm.

6:52 pm - She's trying to figure out Gaga's outfit. Good luck boo, nobody knows.

6:50 pm - Mutual admiration society. Kreayshawn and Ashley fully want to switch dresses.

6:50 pm - Awkward's Ashley Rickards in BCBG! Looks dynamite. Lime green and feathers.

6:49 pm - Shredded, distressed tees in unison for the win. Also, gravity defying hair.

Black Veil Brides at the 2011 VMAs.

Photo: WireImage

6:49 pm - Black Veil Brides are oh my GOTHING it up right now. And they're psyched to see Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

Kreayshawn's nails at the 2011 VMAs.

Photo: Mary's iPhone

6:40 pm - Um. Nike Cortezs and Mickey nails to match natch.

Kreayshawn at the 2011 VMAs.

Photo: WireImage

6:38 pm - YOU guys! Kreayshawn's sequin Mickey Mouse dress is really important.

6:33 pm - Omg! Diddy from MTV Brazil is here in Jeremy Scott!

Mary's VMA dress.

Photo: Mary's iPhone

6:33 pm - Related: 68,000 clearance badges and lanyards may compromise silhouette of Official VMA Dress.

6:25 pm - Really wish they had time-release mints for my pico de gallo breath. Sorry in advance errrrbody.

3:16 pm - GAH. Just scurried back from my MAC Cosmetics interview about performance makeup tips. Going to MASH this misshapen half burrito into my facehole (100% certainty that I will rue this shortly), pour myself into this Urban Outfitters dress that is cute and MAD affordable (pix laaaaaaater) and hoof it to the Red Carpet. Ex oh ex oh etc etc.

A view of the 2011 VMA black carpet.

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11:26 am - Good morning guys. And by morning, I mean afternoon for our friends back home in New York. My official 2011 VMA dress is hanging on a pushpin in our production office and a full 30 oz vat of tar-black coffee will be splashed all up in my acidic stomach lining and all that means, it's GAME DAY! Happy VMAs! MTV Style will be on the ground with VMA Red Carpet Host Kreayshawn to ogle, harass, blow creepy air kisses to all the sparkly, talented musicians, actors and upsettingly attractive people and ask them the most important question every uttered by a mortal: WHO ARE YOU WEARING? And the ever popular, CAN I HAVE YOUR SHOES?

From nail trends to hairdos; towering heels to asymmetrical Swedish jumpsuits and whatever Lady Gaga will or won't be wearing, we've got all the savory goods on WHO, WHAT, WORE, HOW, WHY, ARITHMETIC and somethingsomething FASHION. It's going to be major so check back often, tell a friend and squee with us. Oh, and check in with our pals over at Buzzworthy for all the behind-the-scenes live blog action too! DO EET.

And watch the 2011 VMAs online live stream at 6:30PM to peer down at all your favorites and send them your positive energies with your eyeballs. They love that. It makes their hair and skin feel warm and that is where they get their power.



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VMA 2011: Red Carpet Fashion Live Blog!

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