Zayn Malik Is Going All In With His Hair Transformation

Prepare yourself for white-haired Zayn.

Zayn Malik is a free bird. And that means he's going to let loose. The ex-One Direction boybander has not only dyed his hair green, but now he's going white and purple.

Malik resurfaced on his oft-used Twitter account to break the hair news after fiance Perrie Edwards showed off his green buzzcut on her Instagram on Saturday. Although he changed his Twitter avatar to some slime-green-haired fan art, don't peg him as a green guy -- he's also trying new hues.

"Had it purple yesterday ha trying em all out ha," Zayn wrote, so eloquently -- which means that we might have a Kesha-like hair transformation on our hands.

Our challenge to you, Zayn: Can you do the whole rainbow?

Zayn is probably feeling the freedom of not having to collaborate with his bandmates -- remember when it was a big deal that Liam cut his hair off? He's his own guy now and he doesn't need to color-coordinate with anyone.

Which hair color do you like on Zayn best? Do you miss his single bleach streak from back in the day? Tell us in the comments!

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