Lil Wayne's 'Sorry 4 The Wait' Makes Up For Lost Time

'Mixtape Daily' looks at Weezy's new offering, which includes his take on everything from 'Racks' to 'Rolling in the Deep.'

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Headliner: Lil Wayne

Tape: Sorry 4 the Wait

Real Spit: For [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist], sorry is more than just a five letter word. Weezy's apologies now come in the form of 12-track mixtapes. [article id="1665015"]Tha Carter IV's numerous pushbacks[/article] may have ticked off fans, so to make up for it, Tunechi offered up Sorry 4 the Wait, a free Internet download.

Swiping beats from today's most popular rap tracks, Weezy starts off bragging and boasting on "Tunechi's Back," his take on Meek Mill and Rick Ross' Tupac ode. Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci" gets reworked as well. During the song's intro, Wayne places the blame on his manager Cortez Bryant, screaming, "Sorry for the wait, yeah Tez pushed the album back, man. Sorry!"

With the disclaimer out of the way, Wayne spits nothing nice over the bouncy beat, weaving free-associative rhymes about promiscuous women, drugs and guns. One of the song's better gun-busting, cocaine lines comes when Wayne raps, "Tunechi, Tunechi tote the tooly, f--- around and pop ya/ My homeys got that white girl, call it Lady Gaga."

The Young Money boss breathes new life into YC's "Racks," no small feat considering the track has already been redone by about two dozen different rap acts so far. Still, Wayne makes it his own with unforgettable lines like, "I can't f--- with ho n----s, I can't trust these ho's either/ Wake up early in the morning eat that p---y like cold pizza."

Most of Sorry's tracks are upbeat and aggressive, but Wayne does manage to slow it down on "Marvin's Room," a retread of Drake's track by the same name. "Sure Thing" comes next, and while it is less romantic than "Marvin's Room," Wayne still manages to make lyrics about taking pain pills for dinner sound smooth.

Perhaps what's most impressive is Birdman Jr.'s flip of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." The pounding drums and steady rhythm is the perfect backdrop for Wayne's free-wheeling thought process. There are no deep meanings, no revelations or sophisticated musings, just lyrics about Wayne's greatness sprinkled with references to ecstasy and ED medications: "Young Money, mother----er, yeah we that sh--/ Yeah Weezy go hard like Cialis / Don't love that bi---, I f--- that ho/ She pop X, I smoke Os, tic-tac-toe."

Sorry 4 the Wait should hold folks over until Tha Carter IV's August 29 release date (barring any more delays). Judging by the early response to this release, however, fans probably wouldn't mind a second apology.

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