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Madonna, Dr. Dre, Britney On Board For Linda McCartney Tribute

Album of 38 Beatles covers to benefit the Women and Cancer Fund.

Madonna, Dr. Dre, Britney Spears, the Corrs, Julian Lennon and members of the Eagles and Queen are among those contributing to a Linda McCartney tribute album due in Spring 2002.

The as-yet-untitled double-CD set will feature 38 Beatles covers and will benefit the Women and Cancer Fund, according to a spokesperson from the project.

The tribute to the late wife of Paul McCartney is two years in the making, but most likely won't see the light of day until spring of next year. The spokesperson said they want to release the set in the spring to honor the anniversary of Linda McCartney's passing — the photographer/musician/animal rights activist died of breast cancer in April 1998.

A companion concert featuring those who are lending their talent to the tribute is also in the works.

Though the project is not yet affiliated with a record label, it does have the blessing of Paul McCartney. The former Beatle had received hundreds of Linda McCartney tribute offers before choosing this one, according to the spokesperson.

Julian Lennon, John Lennon's eldest son, will donate his cover of "Blackbird" to the album. Julian is also working on material for a John Lennon tribute due later this year, according to a spokesperson from his label, Music From Another Room. Further details are available at Julian Lennon's official Web site (