Watch Fifth Harmony Prep For Their ‘Iconic’ VMA Performance In 360-Degree Video

Follow the girls as they head from rehearsals to the stage

By now, you’ve probably seen Fifth Harmony’s amazing VMA performance — you know, the one with the rain shower, the synchronized mic drops, the Gucci Mane cameo, and the symbolic ditching of an anonymous fifth member. But no matter how many times you’ve re-watched the “monumental” medley, you haven’t seen it quite like this.

MTV followed 5H in the days leading up to last month’s VMAs, and we recorded it all for your viewing pleasure. And because this is 2017 and technology is effin’ dope and limitless, we used 360-degree video to let you see every single side of the action.

From the group’s dance practices and stage rehearsals, to their pre-show primping and post-show celebrating, this is your all-access pass to 5H’s “most iconic performance” to date (Ally’s words, not mine). Watch and be awed: