'It’s Never Going To Be Easy:' Inside Catelynn & Tyler’s Emotional 'Teen Mom OG' Visit With Carly

The couple ended the season by finally seeing their 10-year-old girl

Catelynn and Tyler's visit with Carly is one of the major moments we've been leading up to all season on Teen Mom OG. The birth parents hadn't seen their adopted daughter in two years, and she had yet to meet baby Vaeda. Now, on tonight's finale, the couple and their family finally got time with the 10-year-old -- and as expected, it was emotional.

What made this visit different from prior ones (aside from Vaeda being around, of course) was that, in addition to Dawn the adoption counselor, Cate’s and Ty’s parents were allowed to be present for the meet-up. Also, this time, Brandon and Teresa traveled with Carly to Michigan for the two-day trip, rather than both families meeting somewhere in the middle or in the Davis’ hometown of North Carolina.

Although MTV cameras weren’t permitted to film the festivities, Catelynn and Tyler got choked up while reflecting later on their first day with Carly.

“When you see all of your biological children together playing and their mannerisms and walking the’s different,” Catelynn said. “I think that’s why it made this time emotional.”

“It’s never going to be easy to say hello… and then say goodbye," Tyler added. "[But] I think all of us that are involved would trade the couple days of sadness to have the visits, to have that bond. It’s important.”

After the second day of the visit, when the families met up at the zoo, Catelynn and Tyler cried (on-camera) as they hugged Dawn and their parents. Then, as the Baltierras drove away, Tyler caught a glimpse of Carly and her parents -- and got upset realizing the goodbye was just as hard on their daughter.


“They looked like they were comforting her,” Ty told his wife. “I want to comfort her." He then began praising Cate for her strength. "You’re so strong, honey," he said. "Every time you see her, she’s a totally different kid. We got some beautiful girls though, don’t we?”

What do you think of the family’s poignant and highly anticipated visit with Carly? Tell us your thoughts, then tune in to Part 1 of the Teen Mom OG reunion Monday, September 2 at 9/8c.