One Direction's Acoustic Version Of 'Steal My Girl' Still Has Zayn's High Note, So Don't Worry

Good. We needed something to hold us over until the video on October 24.

One Direction almost had me for a second. When they released the acoustic version of "Steal My Girl" early Tuesday (October 14), I almost thought they released the same song. That's because 1D's vocals sound flawless with or without production.

The difference is in the piano, but most of the song stays the same -- which means, yes, Zayn's beautiful, angelic high note is still there. Instead of the powerful Journey-esque chords, the song is slightly stripped down, exposing more of the guys' harmonies.

"Steal My Girl" is getting a video treatment, as Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis continue to tease us with photos of sumo wrestlers and Danny Devito on set. I know. It's strange, but we love them. The "Steal My Girl" video is expected out October 24. Until then, watch this teaser they put out yesterday:

What do you think of the acoustic version? Let us know in the comments below!

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