Aaron Paul And Norman Reedus Are Having An Epic Bromance: See The Pics

While we're at work, Jesse Pinkman and Daryl Dixon are busy becoming best friends.

While we were all going about our lives, minding our own business, something truly wonderful was happening down in the wilderness of Atlanta -- Jesse Pinkman and Daryl Dixon, or Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus, if we're being politically correct -- were becoming fast friends. And posting photos about it.

Paul and Reedus, who both starred (or, in Reedus' case, is still starring) on groundbreaking AMC dramas in fan-favorite sidekick roles, are currently busy shooting the heist movie "Triple Nine" down in the ATL, where Reedus is also busy filming season five of "The Walking Dead." Their social media accounts have made it very clear that a bromance is forming, as both actors (as well as their costar Clifton Collins Jr.) just can't stop posting goofy behind-the-scenes photos from the film, which sounds pretty awesome. ("A group of corrupt police officers are blackmailed into pulling off a seemingly impossible heist. They plot the murder of a rookie police officer in order to orchestrate a '999,' code for 'officer down', to pull off the heist across town," says IMDB. Also, Kate Winselt, Woody Harrelson and "12 Years A Slave" star Chiwetel Ejiofor are in it. So there's that.)

Anyway, here's a picture Reedus posted of Jesse Pinkman pointing right at you, captioned only "999" because Normski isn't a huge fan of words:

And here's one of the boys (including Collins) paling around, captioned -- "#regram This is what my mornings are looking like lately and I'm loving it. I have known @mrwupass and @bigbaldhead for a very long time and working with these guys is a dream come true. This movie is going to blow all of your minds. #TripleNine" -- because Paul is a bit of a sap when it comes to public displays of affection on Instagram:

This one also includes Ejiofor, who brings some Oscar cred to the budding bromance:

Love. It.

Stay tuned for more pics from the "Triple Nine" set, because as the last 24 hours have proven, these dudes are definitely going to post them. In the meantime, here are more pics of Paul and Reedus bonding at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards and the Variety Studio, because why not:

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