'Teen Wolf' Surprise: The Season 6 Opening Credits Features Several New Faces

And the actors/actresses are...

Mama McCall, Sheriff Stilinski and Chris Argent have been an integral part of the Teen Wolf story -- and now the Beacon Hills parents are featured front and central during an important montage. That's right, the trio is a part of the Season 6 opening credits!

In a special glimpse from the stage-setting teaser of the lycanthrope series, above, the familiar, tension-filled music plays as quick cuts of Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig and Dylan Sprayberry show the actors/actresses in various states associated with their characters (Scott McCall flashes his fangs, while Lydia Martin gives a look of urgency to crack a supernatural case). And then, we have the newbies in the final clip.

Linden Ashby looking like he wants to get to the bottom of an incident unfolding in the supernatural-filled town, Melissa Ponzio donning her nurse uniform and on duty for anything and everything at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital and JR Bourne firing his trademark weapon with determination. BAM.

Share your thoughts on the Season 6 opening credits in the comments, and don't miss Teen Wolf, kicking off TOMORROW at 9/8c!

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