Nas Helps Job Seekers With New App 'Proven'

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Who needs when you have Nas? The rapper understands that the economy is tough right now and has invested in a job-search app-maker to help people find work. The LA Times reports that Nas has aligned himself with Proven, a firm that creates apps to help people apply to job posts via their phones.

The rapper will serve as an advisor for Proven and help to promote the app. The concept behind Proven is to help those who may not have access to personal computers, especially job seekers from blue collar or lower income backgrounds. "Jobs are a concern for the nation, and Proven is all about that, so I’m all about Proven," Nas said in an interview.

Nas has been rapidly expanding his business ventures this year. Earlier, he invested in resurrected hip-hop magazine Mass Appeal. On the charitable side, the rapper has been a force to be reckoned with. In August, he leveraged his star power to help get funds for a displaced, homeless family in D.C.  Nas and his efforts raised over $60,000 for Stanley Young, a single father who lost his home in a fire.