This Little Girl Perfectly Captures The Spirit Of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off'

The hula hoop is a fabulous touch.

Taylor Swift's brand new single—and second-ever No. 1 song—"Shake It Off" has the singer bumbling her way through a variety of different dance routines, but the gist of the song is to just be yourself no matter what.

Which is something that this little girl seems to have down pat. In fact, in the Instagram video that her mother shot of her, she's got moves that rival Swift's own!

Tay Tay herself took to Twitter to point out just how free and joyful her dancing was:

Yes, this is definitely a deeper level than the rest of us. Sometimes it takes a child to really reveal the beauty in life.

Watch the moves yourself to experience the full-on perfection of her carefree dancing. Ahhh, to be young! Never change girly, never change.

She'd probably do a great job choreographing the 1989 tour to be honest! Considering Taylor's history with fan responses, something just might come of this after all.

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