It's like 'Burnout', But With Trucks


It's been a while since we've seen a new installment of "Burnout", largely due to the fact its creators were ordered by EA to help revive their floundering "Need For Speed" franchise.

And once it was discovered that the studio behind everyone's crash and burn simulator had basically been disbanded, all hope for proper follow-up was dashed.

But there's always room for spiritual follow-ups. And that's where "Truck Stop" comes int.

It's the creation of Adam “DjArcas” Sawkins, who used to work at Criterion Games, and therefore was involved with "Burnout". As Kotaku point out, its the Crash Mode, one of the best parts of "Burnout", but made into its own thing. And with trucks:

As you can also see, it's awfully rough around the edges at the moment. Also, the whole Mars environment seems somewhat just tossed onto the pile, and the zombie mode sounds equally unoriginal (yet fun nonetheless).

Still, if the physics are on spot (which they look to be), and the controls as well (that's obviously impossible to tell at this point), who cares what the game looks like? If you'd like to see "Truck Stop" on Steam, via Greenlight, then give it a thumbs up.

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