Jadakiss Wants 'Top Five, Dead Or Alive' To Be 'Just Fire'

'I'm doing real careful selection on production on this project,' he tells MTV News.

Jadakiss has a lot of MCs throwing in the towel. His [article id="1638230"]The Champ Is Here 3[/article] mixtape came out over the weekend, and fans have crowned the Gangsta Grillz effort a classic and early contender for tape of the year.

"This is gonna compete with some real LPs," 'Kiss said confidently in New York last week.

Jada deviated from his usual M.O. of putting out a mixtape right after recording an album, saying he's just starting the process of putting his LP together.

"I got about three good ones," he said of the songs. "Not even recorded. I got probably two verses off each song. Maybe four good ones. [DJ Drama] sent me something. I'm doing real careful selection on production on this project.

"Just fire," he added about what he's looking for. "But big songs! Even my street joints, even if it's a symphony. If every verse got 75 curses in it, I want the production to be big."

After some contemplating, Jada has decided to keep the album titled Top Five, Dead or Alive.

"I was gonna switch the name up," he admitted. "I put it on Twitter, I put it on every website you can imagine, and that came back unanimous. So Top Five, Dead or Alive it is, baby."

Oddly enough, Jada said his record is still coming out with a Roc-A-Fella logo. [article id="1638284"]Damon Dash took back the Roc-A-Fella reins[/article], recently inking a deal with Def Jam for distribution. When Jada signed his Def Jam deal, Jay-Z still had Roc-A-Fella.

"Its Def Jam, Roc-A-Fella, Ruff Ryders, D-Block, Aphilliates, Green Lantern, a couple of other white guys," the Yonkers, New York, native said with a wide grin and chuckle. "You know how this game is. Everybody is in the pot. But it's enough money for everybody."

Speaking of which, whoever wants a group project from Jada, Styles P and Sheek Louch better come with plenty of zeros on their check. The LOX are ready to sign with a high bidder.

"That's onboard with a few offers," 'Kiss said. "It was in the making with Diddy. But after we put out that '[Ha Ha] Slow Down' remix, we got a few more calls in that's on the table right now. They upped the ante. The ante got upped off a light freestyle. You see the impact? You feel that?"

Jada said his mixtape is going to "solidify some other business" as well. He's thinking of a mixtape tour with DJ Drama, Green Lantern and other MCs, such as Fabolous.

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