Everyone’s Obsessed With This Face Swap App That Can Turn You Into A Talking Celebrity

Fulfill your dream of having Ryan Gosling's face all up on your face.

Like just about everyone on Earth in 2015, I'm a big fan of Drake's "Hotline Bling" video. From the James Turrel-like installations on set to the ~truly unique~ dancing, Drake makes you want to be part of the action. Now, with a 99-cent app, you can.

Face Swap Live is an app for the iPhone that lets you switch faces in a photo or with another person IRL. You can create a still image that will freak out your friends and family or make a video that fulfills your dream of becoming the Champagne Papi himself:

The difference between Face Swap Live and other face swapping apps is that this app uses face-tracking in real time -- so you talk with virtually anyone's mug, regular Joe or celebrity, like Michael B. Jordan for instance:

Understandably, people can't get enough of the app, and Twitter and Instagram are inundated with people (like me) using it. We'll leave you with this totally-pleasant-and-not-disturbing-at-all Kim/Kanye face swap, care of the creators of the app themselves:

Watch how Face Swap Live works by checking out their YouTube video, and for 99 cents, download the app via Apple.

H/T Cosmopolitan

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