All Saints Sing The Praises Of Jerry Springer

The four British ladies known as All Saints may have earned themselves the tag of "the new Spice Girls" in their native U.K., but they are just now beginning to carve out a name for themselves in the States.

Of course, just as the group is beginning to make an impression in the States with their single "I Know Where It's At," conversely the U.S. is starting to make an impression on All Saints.

When asked about their favorite Stateside pastime, the group responded, "Eat and shop... and watch Jerry Springer.

Yes, leave it to a small group of outsiders to immediately cut to the heart of American culture.

[article id="1438288"]"He came to London a couple of weekends ago, and we were just like, 'Oh, he's in our country. All hail. Stop the traffic,'" [800k QuickTime][/article] the group's Melanie said of the talk show phenom.

When pressed about the mystique and appeal of Springer, Nicole simply said, "The fights.

Shock and outrage,"

Natalie added.

These sultry pop confections were able to scratch beneath the hair-pulling, chair-tossing exterior of the show and find the true spirit of Springer.

He's really wise," Natalie said. "He acts like he can't believe it's happening, but he knows it's happening.

When pressed that perhaps the English should be above this sort of thing, Nicole pointed out that, "My mum watches it actually. She got into it. She doesn't like all the others, but she likes Jerry... Jerry's accepted in England big time.

It's not the norm," Melanie said. "You don't see that sort of thing on English television.

You don't see people beating and clubbing each other everyday," Natalie said. Perhaps not everyday, but you just might catch some of that action when Jerry turns up on MTV's Spring Break coverage this weekend. You'll also see Metallica, Usher, Limp Bizkit, Backstreet Boys, a Mariah Carey luau and much more.