Watch Wes And Cara Maria Fight Like Second-Graders! [Bonus Scene]

During last week's episode of "Rivals," Wes morphed into an elementary school bully and tore down Cara Maria like she was the nose-picking loner on the monkey bars. He unloaded a 2.5-liter bottle of soda all over her, then proceeded to scream "no one likes you!" until he was blue in the face. While that may have bounced off her like a child's rhyme, Cara couldn't hold back her frustration once Wes brought her boyfriend, Abram, into the argument.

Check out this bonus scene, where Wes goes into Cara's bedroom and grabs an item of great importance off her bed--her "Abram pillow." It looks as if she's about to finally break when her teammate Laurel jumps in to put Wes in his place. She calls him a "firecrotch" and kicks him the eff out!

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