Jadakiss Has More Questions, And So Do Nas And Common

Rapper expects peers to pose their own queries on 'Why' remix.

Now that his career has gone to the next level with "Why," Jadakiss says he has more questions -- and a couple of friends with some queries of their own.

"I'm working on [a remix] now," Kiss said last week at the MTV offices. "I'm supposed to throw Common and Nas on there. I might throw Jill Scott on the hook if I don't leave Anthony [Hamilton] on there. I don't want to do it too differently; I want to leave the same track and have a couple of artists I love asking some different questions -- Common, Nas and a new verse from Kiss" (see [article id="1489211"]"Jadakiss Calls His Success Proof That 'Controversy Sells' "[/article]).

Jadakiss recently devised some words to the wise for his verse on the Babyface-produced all-star single, "Wake Up Everybody," which is being recorded to raise awareness about the importance of voting (see [article id="1490056"]"Missy, Brandy, Omarion, Mary J., Jadakiss On Pro-Vote Single"[/article]).

"I did 16 or 12 bars on the 'Wake Up' song," Jada explained. "It's a good look. I remember when I came out of the [vocal] booth, [Babyface's wife] Tracey Edmonds was like, 'You slaughtered it.' I didn't even hear it yet. It took a while for them to put it together and it has wild artists on there.

"They did that song like 'We Are the World,' actually the same setup," he added. "First you go in and record your lyrics, then they film the video right there afterwards. When I did my part, Babyface was there, Tracey was there, Claudette [Ortiz] was there doing her vocals. All this stuff is new for me. It's like I'm a new artist that's getting an old-artist push. That's what I need. I'm just going to stay hungry and keep the album moving. Keep going hard."

The next video we'll see in support of Kiss' Kiss of Death LP is "U Make Me Wanna," which features Mariah Carey. The video should be going into production soon, according to the Black Babe Ruth.

"I'm supposed to be shooting the me-and-Mariah joint," Mr. Raspy said. "I might do [a split video] like I did for 'Knock Yourself Out' and 'We Gonna Make It.' I might do the Mariah joint and 'By Your Side' at the end, give them a verse. ['U Make Me Wanna'] is gonna be real sexy, though, a little out of my element. That's how I want all my videos from this album to be. 'Why' hit you from left field. I just want it to be one of them joints; big house, big car, one of them videos the ladies like. This is strictly for the ladies, to get me over that hump. I understand the business."

Jada is currently on the road as part of the Pepsi Smash Tour with Jagged Edge and Fabolous.