Is It Us, Or Did Zac Hanson Seriously Resemble 'Animal' From 'The Muppets' At The O Music Awards? (PHOTO)


It's all in the hair.

Not sure if you caught Wednesday night's 24-hour musical showdown, the 2013 O Music Awards, but if you did, you probably saw pop-rock brother trio Hanson rocking out to "Get The Girl Back" and "Fired Up" on the Times Square Stage. And even if you didn't catch Hanson's performance (which you can still re-watch right here), the brothers did pop up in various other places over the course of the evening: Like that moment where Zac Hanson drummed alongside Andrew W.K., probably in an effort to help the poor guy complete his 24-hour drumming record.

And on that note, if you DID watch Zac at the drums, you MUST have seen his fabulous mop of hair, which, as OMAs hosts the Sklar Brothers pointed out, made him look JUST LIKE ANIMAL FROM THE MUPPETS!

Watch Zac Hanson perform at the O Music Awards after the jump.

Don't believe us? Just look at the above side-by-side perfection! Sure, Zac might not need any physical restraints (Animal wears chains because his drumming is THAT violent), and he might be a bit more physically attractive, and he probably wouldn't attack anyone unprovoked (that we know of), AND he definitely sings in full sentences as opposed to Animal's "YARRR GARR GARRR" screams.... BUT between Zac's wild 'n' crazy hair and his stellar percussion skillz, well, we think we've made our point. Zac's an animal... AN ANIMAL! Would it be too bold of us to suggest a collab? Or even better, a Zac Hanson cameo in the next Muppet movie? Because please let there be another Muppet movie?!

+ Watch Hanson jam with Questlove and Andrew W.K. at the O Music Awards.

+ Watch Hanson perform "Get The Girl Back" at the O Music Awards.

+ Watch Hanson perform "Fired Up" at the O Music Awards.

Photo credit: Getty Images/ThunderbirdRanch