Kesha Found A Way To Keep Making Music With A Secret Nashville Show

Welcome back Kesha and her new band, The Yeast Infection!

Kesha's back! And nothing (and no one) is going to stop her and her new band, The Yeast Infection. Gross name, perhaps, but we're willing to overlook the medical complications if it means Kesha is making music again.

Kesha made her triumphant return to music during a surprise show in Nashville on Dec. 23. It's a Christmas miracle! She and the all-male Yeast Infection (dudes can get them, too) were slated to perform country versions of her pop hits, but threw in a little Led Zeppelin too, playing "Whole Lotta Love."

While the singer is stuck in a legal battle with her former producer Dr. Luke, who she alleged abused her physically, emotionally, verbally and sexually, she's still contractually obligated to work with him and Sony Music. And if she can't record without facing her abuser, she's found a hell of a loophole to keep making music by performing live with The Yeast Infection.

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