Kanye West Will Definitely Be Part Of The Final 'American Idol' Season, Somehow

And Jennifer Lopez is so excited/confused.

Back in October, a rogue Instagram post gifted the world a true treasure: a video of Kanye West rapping "Gold Digger" in front of the "American Idol" judges, including Jennifer Lopez.

The context of this clip remained murky, raising a lot of questions. Was Yeezy really auditioning for "Idol" in its final season? Was this a planned stunt or did he just '09 VMA his way into the judges' room? Is this the smiliest Kanye has ever been?

Now, we may have our answer. There's a new "American Idol" season 15 trailer floating around featuring a few of the series' notable, um, non-contenders throughout the years, Pitchfork points out. Folks like William Hung -- remember him?

But another familiar face slides in at the end of the preview, and of course, it's Kanye's.


Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 1.16.58 PM

He strolls in, cheesin' hard, as Harry Connick Jr. checks his texts, Keith Urban wets his whistle and Lopez exclaims, "Is this Kanye West?! What are you doing here?" It's all very confusing, but hey, if he's about to blast into "Gold Digger" a capella, that's reason enough to flash a grin like that.

Watch the entire preview below and see exactly what Yeezy is doing on the show when "American Idol: The Farewell Season" premieres Jan. 6.