This Is What Spending Halloween With Taylor Swift Looks Like

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Tampa, Florida -- I stuffed cat ears and a tail into my bag and ran out the door. In the end, that's all my costume for the 1989 Tour consisted of. But once I got on the ground in Tampa, I realized I was severely underdressed.

You see, this is the 1989 Tour, where fans travel from all over -- I met someone from Brazil! -- just to see Taylor Swift. This isn't your casual party. It's a spectacle. People rig themselves with lights, sacrifice their money for cute costumes, and dye their hair weird colors.

And since the last U.S. stop on the 1989 Tour just so happened to fall on Halloween, all of the usual outfits were amplified by a million. Out of the three 1989 dates I've been to, Tampa was by far the best dressed. One moment I was looking at unicorn onesies and another moment I was looking at zombies dripping with blood.

As for Taylor herself, she took the stage as Olaf from "Frozen" just before Idina Menzel duetted "Let It Go" with her. Around the stadium, Taylor's mom Andrea dressed as Cruella de Vil while her dad went as Superman.

I'm still pondering about how well my Zombie Katy Perry costume would've went over, but I met so many cool Swifties on Saturday night. Check it out:

Hey, it's Halloween. Might as well go to the concert as pumpkins.

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12182174_10153068858467035_458221135_n copy

Kristen Fernandez and Wendy Trantham

Or ghosts! Boo!!

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12182187_10153068858497035_498068968_n copy

Melissa Jones, Sarah McDermott and Ward Hughey

Group unicorn costume FTW

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12182187_10153068858522035_1812980_n copy

Shae, Hailey, Brooke and Jen

This mom dressed as Taylor's Wonderstruck perfume and then told me to meet up with her daughter inside...

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12188254_10153068858577035_618655936_n copy

Ginny Lane

So I found her and her friends, who were also dressed as perfume bottles.

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12200703_10153068858582035_314151631_n copy

Julia Lane, Alexandra Watson and Alejandra Zavata

Remember when Taylor posted that TBT of her as a Teletubby? Turns out it's an awesome concert outfit.

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Nicole Greco and Sam Cenicola

These ladies came from Brazil!! A 13-hour plane ride. Die-hards right here.

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12188486_10153068858517035_1356671587_n copy

Mariana and Antonieta

Those 1989 leggings thoooooooo

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Meerab Shahzad and Isabel Burden

There was lots of blood everywhere you looked.

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12188599_10153068858477035_1604778729_n copy

You know what a good costume is? A tree from the Swift Family Christmas Tree Farm.

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12188684_10153068858437035_298673605_n copy

Rachel Salomone

They perfectly recreated this viral Tumblr post IRL.

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12200819_10153068858567035_610021777_n copy

Melissa Perez and Janis

512 lights went into this costume. They counted.

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Kailey Whritenour, Angela Arena and Joshua Williams

So much going on here, but I'd like to point out the "Blank Space" duo -- the girl with the apple and dude who gets tortured by her.

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12200855_10153068858562035_1393036829_n copy

Marc, Terri Stevens, Emma Rome, Brad Rome and Chelsi Rome

Just a little glue and toilet paper -- she's OK!

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12202257_10153068858552035_764855950_n copy

Tara Mcalister and Autumn Demello

"They are the hunters. We are the foxes."

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12202319_10153068858532035_1219733071_n copy

Nikki, Jessica and Carol

A major mother-daughter crafting sesh happened here.

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12202347_10153068858452035_974725803_n copy

Katie Lowe and Doreen Lowe

The place was overrun by zombies.

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12202481_10153068858492035_2031776019_n copy

Carissa Johnston and Sarah Flaherty

These two put their hardhats on to prepare for some heart breaking.

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12204608_10153068858527035_690605274_n copy

Sarah and Kristina

These two military peeps stationed in Florida took a break to spend Halloween with Taylor.

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12204613_10153068858547035_1366275274_n copy

Allyssa and Danny


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12204647_10153068858432035_16233142_n copy

Delaney Wright and Mackenzie Crowley

I found a classic flapper costume. Can't go wrong.

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12204690_10153068858472035_1458907902_n copy

Madison Worsley

It's the "Shake It Off" video in real life!

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12204709_10153068858487035_1340339374_n copy

Samantha, Rebecca, Ruth, Susan, Makayla, Kacie

If you don't know what this means, please don't ask.

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12204969_10153068858572035_2090492687_n copy

Karrie Raymond and Keyanah Alexis

Uh, ladies? There are clouds on your legs.

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12205056_10153068858542035_272967215_n copy

Mikala and Rachel

Did you wear any Taylor Swift attire for Halloween? Share it in the comments!

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