5SOS' Calum Hood Is Now 'Scared Of Females' After Watching This Movie

Cooties has nothing to do with it.

5 Seconds Of Summer's Calum Hood may have a slight case of gynophobia: fear of women. How can this be? Screaming girls surround him and his bandmates constantly, asking for autographs, snapping selfies with the guys and generally losing it.

And he didn't have a problem with any of that ... until he watched "Gone Girl."

Calum's newfound fear of females stems from having seen the thriller starring Ben Affleck about a woman's mysterious disappearance. But the movie's scary twist is likely what got under the singer's skin. The 5SOS member probably wishes he had "amnesia" after those 149 minutes of horror.

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He went on to tell model Hailey Baldwin that she bares a resemblance to Rosamund Pike, who plays the film's female protagonist.

Don't worry, Calum. You're not the only celebrity who freaked out over the movie.

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