Let's Get It On: Relive The Steamiest 'Real World: Las Vegas' Hookups

You know, like that infamous hot tub makeout sesh courtesy of Trishelle, Steven and Brynn.

Back in the day, it was rare for Real World roommates to lock lips and then some -- a few honorable mentions belong to Real World: San Francisco alums Rachel and Puck kissing and their fellow cast members Pam and Judd eventually getting married, Mike and Melissa from Real World: Miami and that unforgettable groan-filled shower threesome and Real World: Hawaii alums Colin and Amaya/Kaia and Matt fooling around. But the overwhelmingly uncommon sexual activity changed during the inaugural Real World: Las Vegas season -- and we owe it to that sizzling hot tub three-way featuring Trishelle, Steven and Brynn. Bow chicka bow wow, indeed.

In honor of the upcoming premiere of the latest Sin City-based installment of the groundbreaking reality series (Real World: Go Big or Go Home debuting on March 17), we are taking a fond look back at the legacy of the Nevada-based seasons. Two weeks ago, we reminisced about the unique residences, and last Throwback Thursday, the gloves were off during the biggest spats. And this week -- the last of this video series -- we’re reliving some iconic hookups from the Season 12 gang (with Trishelle, Brynn, Frank, Steven, Alton, Irulan and Arissa) and the Season 25 crew (Leroy, Mike, Heather, Dustin, Nany, Naomi, Adam and Cooke).

And yes, Arissa, you are in a porn you can't escape.

Take a peek at our steamy clip below, share your pick for the most memorable Las Vegas makeout scene in the comments and be sure to catch the first episode of Real World: Go Big or Go Home on Thursday, March 17 at 10/9c!