Exclusive: Lil Wayne Breaks Down Latest Skateboarding Injury

'It hurts like hell but the worst thing is that I couldn't really skate,' Weezy says in exclusive video clip given to MTV News.

Lil Wayne has always put his music first, but Weezy's passion for his skateboard may come in a close second. Tunechi was pretty bummed when he learned he had to stay off the ramps for a week after injuring his shoulder in a skateboarding accident at his Miami home.

"Unfortunately I was skating and I tried to do an ollie down one of my banks and I tailed out at the end of it," Weezy said in a clip from DJ Scoob Doo's upcoming "The Nino Brown Story" DVD that was given exclusively to MTV News.

On Sunday, Weezy put out the third installment of his viral video series "Weezy's Sports Corner," sitting in front of the camera with his arm in a sling. In the clip provided to MTV News, the Young Money boss broke down the injury. "I kinda didn't separate it -- hopefully I didn't separate my shoulder, but if it was separated I wouldn't be able to move it," he said, showing off his new Trukfit tee for the camera. "I probably strained a muscle. I don't know the name of the muscle, my therapist told me the name of it -- I'm not sure. We were thinking I probably sprained the muscle, which is like a slight tear, which will probably take a few days to heal. A few days and I'll be back."

Looks like Wayne is already back. On Wednesday [article id="1678337"]Justin Bieber tweeted[/article] a picture of him and Wayne standing by a skating ramp, though it is unclear whether Weezy actually got on a board or whether he is wearing his sling.

It's not the injury that has him down. In August 2011, Weezy had to get nine stitches after a skating accident in St. Louis during his I Am Still Music Tour. But that spill didn't keep Weezy off the ramps. "I ain't worried about the pain, it hurts like hell but the worst thing is that I couldn't really skate," he said. "I always get injured but I never get an injury where I can't get back on the board. Remember we had the nine stitches? That didn't mean we couldn't skate the next day, so we skated the next day."

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