Tamara Kissed A Girl On 'Awkward'...And She Really Liked It

Truth be told, the PHHS president did much more than that -- with Luke's roommate!

They say you'll always have a place in your heart for your first true love, but after the way Tamara and Jake ended things on "Awkward," it's safe to say T now has temporary coronary blockage.

After Jake gave the feisty redhead the heave-ho in embarrassing fashion -- and proceeded to humiliate her in front of her peers -- Tamara swore off her ex. On tonight's episode, she vowed to move on by bedding a more sophisticated college guy at Southern Coast University, but when she, Jenna and Sadie made it to campus, Tamara didn't get quite what she bargained for...

Instead of the picture-perfect Abercrombie models that had blinded T when she first visited the school, she was quickly surrounded by foul-mouthed zombies who were too consumed with studying for midterms to bathe. Never one to lower her standards, Tamara decided to put aside her sexual quest and spend some time with Luke's roommate, Shane. But what started as a platonic sleepover turned into girl-on-girl action, and when the daylight broke, Jenna caught her BFF in the act.


J-Town was a little shocked to see her friend taking a dip in the lady pond, but oddly enough, the overly analytical Tamara played it cool. Though she said she had a great time with Shane, and that the coed gave her the orgasms that Jake never could, she admitted the tryst just wasn't her cup of tea.

"I think it's like that time I wore a blazer around for a week," she said. "Looks good on Ellen, but not for me."

+ Tell us what you think: Since T's single, should she let go of labels, and just keep having fun with Shane, or was she smart in her decision to let their connection fall to the wayside?

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