Kim Kardashian's Latest Clone Is ... Paris Hilton

Kylie has been unofficially deposed

A new Yeezy season approaches, and it appears that Kim Kardashian is (unsurprisingly) Kanye West's muse once again — and that several famous faces are copying her looks head to toe to hype his clothing line's new designs.

Paris Hilton shared some pics of her flaunting Yeezy's signature low-key, neutral pieces, along with a white-blond wig that's a carbon copy of Kim's current hairstyle. Considering that Kim's career launched when she was coordinating her pal Paris's closet back in the day, this is an awesome show of support from one old friend to another in a way that speaks to their shared love for fashion.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and Kim also showed Paris's Yeezy looks some love on her own socials. She's not alone, though: The Clermont Twins of Bad Girls Club fame (and infamy) also popped up on Kim's Insta wearing Yeezy threads and KKW-inspired hairdos.

Will the Yeezy Season 6 runway just be a KKW lookalike parade? If the campaign for its new range is any indicator, that appears to be a definite, and we're down. (Doubly so, if it brings Kylie Jenner out of the shadows and back into the spotlight, too...)

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