'Siesta Key' Intentions: Is Garrett A Pawn In Cara's Love Game?

According to Juliette, the personal trainer is just an 'easy target'

Siesta Key's notorious nice guy might be the perfect prey for the new girl in town.

After all, it's obvious Garrett's feeling Cara, but we have to wonder if the New Jersey native is equally into the personal trainer. First off, they don't seem to have a ton in common other than the fact that they're both "single and ready to mingle." Oh, and they're also really, really, really good-looking.

To recap what unfolded during this week's episode: Following two dates, Garrett invited Cara (aka Alex's ex) to crash Juliette's special Miami getaway so he could "get to know her better." Cue Juliette's quote of the night: "You should go and know her better in Sarasota. Just use common sense. It's incredibly rude. If you want to invite my boyfriend's ex who's probably still trying to hook up with him, don't come to my trip."

Naturally, Cara was happy to oblige, seeing as she lives to see her nemesis squirm. She even admitted to Chloe, "Half the fun of seeing Garrett is that he's always around Alex and Juliette, and I know it drives her crazy."

While Cara claims she and Garrett are just "good friends, thank you" and she wasn't there to "interfere" with anyone's relationship, she didn't hesitate to make out with her boy toy following a verbal blowout with Juliette. Enter Jules' second epic quote directed at none other than guess who: "You're half deaf, half rude, mostly stupid."


But it was Siesta Key's ever-present voice of reason, Madisson, who echoed everyone's concerns: "The situation, the fact that [Cara] came on Juliette's weekend, it worries me what her intentions are."

Fast forward to the gang's final morning in Miami when Juliette straight-up confronted Garrett about his lady love du jour.

"From what I know about Cara, she just kind of pops into Alex's life at really inconvenient times. It's just a little sketchy," she said. "Here's the thing about you, Garrett -- you're the easy target. You put yourself in these situations with girls who I just think are going to screw you over."

Let's not forget that Juliette is one of those girls, but we digress. Could Cara truly be into Garrett, or is she just using him to get under Juliette's flawless skin? Comment with your thoughts, then catch a new episode next Tuesday at 9/8c.

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