'Guy Code' Returns For Season 5 With 13 New Cast Members

Meet the new faces you'll see when season 5 starts January 14th on MTV2.

MTV2's "Guy Code" returns for its fifth season on Wednesday, January 14th at 11:30/10:30c. Andrew Schulz, Charlamagne tha God, Chris Distefano, Damien Lemon, Jon Gabrus, Jordan Carlos and Lil Duval will be back as usual. This this time around, though, there's a few new faces -- 13, to be exact -- joining the party. Here are the "Guy Code" newbies you'll be seeing on a TV screen near you this January:

Akaash Singh

You might recognize stand-up comedian Akaash Singh from "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out." Here he is posing with teenybopper favorite Austin Mahone. He captioned it, "Making that face because he's like 12 & way richer than me." We feel ya, dude.

Follow Singh on Twitter at @AkaashSingh.

Byron Bowers

Comedian Byron Bowers -- whose work is inspired by his childhood living in a lower-middle class neighborhood in Atlanta -- has appeared on everything from Adult Swim to Comedy Central. Oh, and he really likes Instagramming car pics.

Follow Bowers on Twitter at @byronbowers.

Dave Ebert

Dave Ebert is a quintuple threat -- he acts, he tells jokes, he writes, he illustrates and he freestyle raps. You can catch him performing at Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC or on his web series, "Shane and Dave." He was once in a Bud Light Lime-A-Rita commercial that everyone pretty much universally hated.

Follow Ebert on Twitter at @horsedivorce.

Desus Nice

Desus Nice co-hosts Complex TV's web series "Desus vs. Mero" alongside another "Guy Code" newbie The Kid Mero. Nice's Instagram contains a pic of pumpkin spice Milano cookies, because those are things that exist now.

Follow Nice on Twitter at @desusnice.

Fahim Anwar

Fahim Anwar was once an aerospace engineer at Boeing. Now he's a stand-up comedian, actor and writer about to make big moves on "Guy Code." How's that for a career change?

Follow Anwar on Twitter at @fahimanwar.

Julia Kelly

Julia Kelly is one those social media superstars that skyrocketed to Internet fame after appearing in Vine videos. She recently tweeted that she's "been rejected by almost every guy I've ever liked," which we have a hard time believing. Either way, New York Times Magazine named her as a "New and Rising Star" on social media so those poor dudes clearly missed out.

Follow Kelly on Twitter at @MissJuliaKelly.

Matthew Broussard

Anwar wasn't the only future "Guy Code" member who made a big career leap. Stand-up comedian Matthew Broussard was a financial analyst who studied applied math in college. His witty comics over at are -- as the name would lead you to believe -- illustrations of puns that are posted every Monday.

Follow Broussard on Twitter at @mondaypunday.

Matteo Lane

Matteo Lane was an oil panter and Opera singer in Italy before stand-up became his thing. He can speak a whopping five languages -- Italian, Spanish, French, German and (obviously) English -- so, like, this dude rocks.

Follow Lane on Twitter at @MatteoLane.

Monroe Martin

Comedian Monroe Martin is a Philadelphia native who turned his experiences in the foster system into stand-up routines that you feel bad laughing at but can't help it. Here he is in a borderline Quaker Oats hat.

Follow Martin on Twitter at @MonroeMartinIII.

Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal was Sports Illustrated's cover girl for this year's swimsuit issue. She also has a pet dalmatian, which makes her seem more like a normal person and less like a goddess that is gracing "Guy Code" with her presence.

Follow Agdal on Twitter at @NinaAgdal.

Samantha Hoopes

Samantha Hoopes is also a Sport Illustrated model who appeared in the 2014 swimsuit issue as well. Before all that, though, she was a kinesiology-turned-business major at Penn State. Smarty pants.

Follow Hoopes on Twitter at @samanthahoopes.

The Kid Mero

The Kid Mero co-hosts "Desus vs. Mero" alongside Desus Nice, who is also joining "Guy Code" this season. Mero likes to tweet in all caps.

Follow Mero on Twitter at @THEKIDMERO.

Timothy DeLaGhetto

Timothy DeLaGhetto is a YouTube star who's also a "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out" cast member. This pic is from his attempt at Movember.

Follow DeLaGhetto on Twitter at @Traphik.

Watch "Guy Code" Wednesday, January 14th At 11:30/10:30c On MTV2