Amy Adams Joins David O. Russell for Some 'Bulls**t'

Hot on the heels of yesterday's news that Jeremy Renner might be joining David O. Russell's movie formerly known as "American Bulls**t" comes word that Amy Adams has signed on as well.

Renner is on board as the FBI agent who's forcing the hand of con artist Mel Weinberg (Bradley Cooper) and his mistress and collaborator Maxine "Max" Gardner (Adams). (It's not clear if Max is based on Weinberg's real-life mistress or if this is where Eric Singer's script will take liberties.)

Of course, this isn't Adams' first round at the Russell rodeo. She costarred as Mark Wahlberg's cool but tough girlfriend Charlene in "The Fighter," a role that got her an Oscar nomination. Besides filming Russell's untitled movie, Adams has a huge year coming. She's in Paul Thomas Anderson's eagerly anticipated project "The Master" with Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman - the Scientology-flavored drama will open in October, just in time for Oscar season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she just finished up her work on the untitled Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman project, also with Phoenix, and she's doing Shakespeare in the (really, really hot) Park in NYC. Paps have also photographed her on the NYC set of her upcoming drama "Lullaby" with Garrett Hudlund. That's not to mention the countless other projects her name is attached to.

Luckily, "Man of Steel" isn't coming out until next summer, so perhaps she'll be able to take some well-earned vacation time soon. In between filming, doing press, Oscar stumping and all the other stuff, of course.