A Definitive Timeline Of Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss' Magical Friendship

They're the two best friends that anyone could have.

The world has seen some pretty top-notch female duos roll through in the last century or so: Thelma and Louise, Rachel and Monica, and of course, Snooki and JWoww. Since 2014 is nearly over (we can't believe it either), it's time to add a new pair to the list, and obviously the honor has to go to the year's cutest BFFs, Queen Bee Taylor Swift and super supermodel Karlie Kloss (because duh). On top of the fact that they look like they could be legit sisters, the adorable twosome seem to have a friendship rivaled only by the girls in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It's basically amazing.

So, how did Taylor and Karlie's BFFdom begin? Hopefully you've cleared out your schedule for the day, because the timeline of their friendship is just as long as their legs.



Taylor Swift Vogue Feb 2012

In 2012, Tay-Tay's pretty face made its debut on the cover of Vogue's January issue. While being interviewed in Prabal Gurung's studio, she spotted a photo on the wall of Karlie in one of the designer's dresses and revealed, "I love Karlie Kloss. I want to bake cookies with her!”

Naturally, Karlie was totally on board with that idea.


While it's unknown if they ever did get around to making cookies that year, they bonded hardcore when Taylor performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in December of 2013.

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2013 Victoria'

While romping around the runway in some truly stunning ensembles, Tay and Karlie's friendship began as the sweet, sweet sounds of "Trouble" filled the air (#epic).


After solidifying their status as gal-pals in March when they hung out at Vanity Fair's Oscar Party...

...they did what any young, gorgeous, mindbogglingly famous friends would do: ROAD TRIP!

They frolicked all over the California coastline and found themselves in a major forest situation (could "Out Of The Woods" really be about Karlie?!) (lol jk)

"Karlie <3's Taylor." *insert 1,000 heart eye emojis here*

In May, it was time for Karlie and Taylor to put their best Met Gala faces forward, and of course they got ready for the big event together. Nothing says BFFs like lipstick selfies, amirite?!

Over the summer, they continually served us some nautical, "I'm On A Boat" realness, invoking jealousy from pretty much anyone following their Instagram accounts. *sigh*

In September, Tay's HUGE Rolling Stone story arrived, and in it we discovered something that put her friendship with Karlie in a whole new light...

...aka IT'S EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE THAN WE THOUGHT POSSIBLE. In her interview with the mag, the author wrote, "Swift leads the way into one of her four guest bedrooms. 'This is where Karlie usually stays,' she says—meaning supermodel Karlie Kloss, one of her new BFFs, whom she met nine months ago at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. There's a basket of Kloss's favorite Whole Foods treats next to the bed, and multiple photos of her on the walls."

Oh. Um. Ok. Same.

Do you think she brought Karlie any snacks for the Knicks game they went to in October? Or just the beer? Probably just the beer.

(FYI, they also held hands)

In November, Taylor took Karlie as one of her many dates to the AMAs (shoutout to Lorde and Selena!)...

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Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss

...and in December, their friendship reached peak-levels of cuteness when Taylor was tapped to perform at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for the second year in a row.

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2014 Victoria'

"Friends who wear capes together, stay together," as the saying goes.

Well, there you have it. What will 2015 bring for Tarlie/Kaylor? Lawd only knows.

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