9 Celebrities Who Are Publicly Supporting Emma Watson's Gender Equality Campaign

The HeForShe Campaign already has some 'very' public backers.

On Saturday, September 20, Emma Watson used her UN Women Global Ambassador position to help launch the HeForShe campaign, which seeks to involve men in the fight for women's rights. Her powerful speech earned accolades from fans and critics alike, and now some of the industry's brightest stars are showing their support for Watson, rallying behind the HeForShe campaign and its efforts to elevate both genders.

1. Troian Bellisario

The "Pretty Little Liars" star showed her support by posting a black-and-white shot of Watson on Instagram, with the caption, "Yes! If you have not seen Emma Watson's speech to the UN introducing the #heforshe movement, reclaiming "feminism" as an inclusive and supportive term that is beneficial for BOTH men and women and the extension of the formal invitation to all men to get involved in the conversation that can and will change the way all human beings relate to each other... Do not wait another second. Watch it now. There are too many painful truths to ignore. Gender inequality hurts MEN AND WOMEN and the slow but necessary March towards equality is the only way to truly evolve in our humanity."

2. Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg/Twitter


"Star Trek" actor Pegg took to Twitter to support Watson, saying "Husband to a wife, father to a daughter, son to a mother. You bet I'm on board, @EmWatson! #heforshe."

3. Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker/Twitter


"Proud to support the #HeForShe campaign of @UN_Women," Whitaker wrote.

4. Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth/Twitter


Watson's "Noah" costar wrote "I am a passionate supporter of gender equality."

5. Gregg Sulkin

"Emma Watson. I applaud you," the "Faking It" star wrote, before sharing a link to Watson's speech.

6. Joseph Gordon Levitt

Gordon-Levitt supported Watson just as he launched his own collaborative project, which involves fans recording videos about their relationship with the word feminism.

7. Grant Gustin

Gustin was quick to support Watson -- some might even say he did it in a Flash.

8. Felicia Day

Day pointed out that the focus should remain on Watson's cause, instead of switching over to the 4chan users who are threatening to release nude photos.

9. James Van Der Beek

Dawson didn't want to wait to post this simple but profound Tweet.

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