Zayn Malik Shows Off His Best Johnny Depp Impression At The AMAs

If you caught sight of Zayn Malik during the American Music Awards, you may have noticed he had a single piece of hair hanging in front of his forehead. If you're anything like me, you may have assumed it was a mistake—sometimes you can't control your strands, you know? Well, actually, it turns out it was 100% deliberate.

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Before Zayn and the guys hit the red carpet, their hairstylist Lou Teasdale shared a pic with the caption "#crybaby." No, don't worry Directioners, she wasn't calling Z a cry baby; she was revealing the inspiration behind the 'do—Johnny Depp in 1990's Cry-Baby!

Zayn has made his love for Johnny Depp known since the early 1D days—it was only a matter of time before he copped Johnny's iconic steez. I mean, if you have that hair, it's kinda a no-brainer.

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Zayn, you have a few months to grow your hair out for the Grammys—maybe consider an Edward Scissorhands-esque look? We'll talk.