8 Reasons We'll Miss Seeing Tyler Hoechlin In Beacon Hills

The former Alpha won't be a 'Teen Wolf' regular on the upcoming season -- and we're pretty devastated about it.

Lone lycanthrope Derek Hale has always done his best to protect the diverse "Teen Wolf" pack of werewolves, supernaturals and mere mortals. But now, Scott McCall, Stiles and the rest of the crew are going to need to find another safety net to stave off evil in Beacon Hills, because Tyler Hoechlin, the actor who portrays the brooding former Alpha, will not be a series regular on the hit series' upcoming fifth season.

However, hold your angry howls: The former Alpha WILL be back in some capacity, show creator Jeff Davis revealed to MTV in an exclusive interview. "Don't count Derek Hale out just yet," Davis explained. "It's never easy to lose a series regular on the show, but it always comes from a place of respecting an artist — because all artists need to try new things. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the new characters that Tyler Hoechlin creates and can't wait to have him back on our set as well."

FRANKLY, WE CAN'T WAIT EITHER. But for the time being, here are 8 things we'll miss most about not having Derek on the scene:

He's fearless and always willing to put his life on the line.


There's no shortage of times the former Alpha (with the beautiful baby blues) swooped in to save someone from something, but one instance that particularly stands out was when he selflessly gave his power to his younger sister Cora in order to keep her alive. A true hero!

He isn't afraid to show his soft side with the ladies.

Beasts have feelings too, and DH certainly didn't hide his sensitive side when he was getting cozy with the seemingly sweet Jennifer Blake (aka the very sinister Darach) or the sultry mercenary Braeden.

He can put personal differences aside to defeat evil.

Who could forget when he saved his mortal enemy Chris Argent after the Nogistune set up a bomb at the sheriff station?! They've certainly come a long long way together.

He's a tireless protector.

Derek may not be the warmest and fuzziest character on the block, but he's fiercely loyal to those who are important to him. A few examples: erstwhile (RIP) pack members Erica and Boyd, and his buds Scott and Stiles.

He can be times.

derek and stiles

Sure, he isn't naturally amusing like the lovable Stiles -- but when they're together, it's magic. Let's face it: The fictional California town would be even more dreary without their priceless interactions and quips.

His surprise cameos

You gotta love when he just pops up on the scene seemingly out of nowhere -- the high school lacrosse field, wandering the hallways, basically wherever he sees fit.

His leather jacket

After all, it's Derek's trademark article of clothing.

His workout routine

No explanation really necessary.

+ What will you miss most about not seeing Tyler Hoechlin regularly on "TW"? Share your fave memories below, and be sure to stay with MTV News for more coverage leading up to the Season 5 premiere!

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