Former Pennywise Bassist Jason Thirsk Dead

apartment from a gunshot wound.

Former Pennywise bassist Jason Thirsk is dead of a gunshot

wound. The body of the young musician, who had recently parted ways with the

popular hardcore punk combo, was discovered at his Hermosa Beach home by his

girlfriend on Monday evening (July 29). He was 27 years old. The body was


in the backyard, according to a Reuters report. Police believe it was a

suicide. Thirsk had been depressed since leaving Pennywise--which

includds singer Jim

Lindberg, guitarist Fletcher Dragee and drummer Byron McMackin--some months

ago, according to Detective Raul Saldana of the Hermosa police department. A

spokeswoman at Epitaph Records, the L.A.-based record label the band records

for, said Thirsk was drunk when he died and his death was considered

accidental. Saldana said "alcohol and stuff" was found at the time of death; a

toxicology report will be released in a few weeks. Thirsk co-wrote songs with

vocalist Jim Lindberg. He left the band because he didn't like to tour, but

according to Epitaph, he was still considered a member of the band. Pennywise's

most recent album, About Time, was released last year; it featured a

time bomb on the cover. Based on the group's success to date, they are thought

to be ready for the kind of broader success experienced by The Offspring (a

former Epitaph band now signed to Columbia records) and Rancid.

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