Exclusive: Superman Shows Off New Suit In 'Dawn Of Justice' Set Photos

Looking good, Kal!

As filming continues in Detroit on "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," more and more set photos are hitting the web. First there were a handful that showed Ben Affleck as non-Batman Bruce Wayne, and then there were those pictures of Scoot McNairy in green socks, which screamed "The Flash" to the internet, somehow.

Nothing too exciting, but today we finally got some real superhero stuff.


EXCLUSIVE: FIRST LOOK Henry Cavill in updated SUPERMAN Costume for Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice

Henry Cavill took a stroll to his trailer, trying and failing to keep his flowing Kryptonian garb under the black robe meant to stop onlookers from getting photos. But everyone in the world knows what Superman looks like. Why make Cavill throw on the extra layer? You mean Superman's costume looks almost identical to the one in "Man of Steel"!?

As a number of side-by-sides have already pointed out, Superman's costume in "Dawn of Justice" is slightly different than the one in "Man of Steel," which doesn't make sense if you think about it, right? Superman found his suit on that 18,000-year-old ship. How is there a new one? Maybe we'll get an explanation in "Dawn of Justice."

Where ever Kal-El did pick up this new suit, they did a generous job of shading it. This version of the costume is definitely painted to exaggerate Cavill's musculature. It's likely that this is just a particular model of that costume that emphasizes that, but it's interesting to note.

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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