Ryan Reynolds And John Krasinski Will Be 'Imaginary Friends' In A New Comedy

Krasinski will also write and direct the project

Imaginary friends may be disappearing, but Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski are determined to keep their spirits alive. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actors are in talks to team up for a comedy about the fantastical companions.

Krasinski will write, direct, and star in the movie, aptly titled Imaginary Friends, with Reynolds co-starring alongside him. If all goes to plan, we'll be treated to a delightful story in which Reynolds can see and talk to other people's imaginary friends, finding his own crew in those pals who have been forgotten. And when some dumped friends turn to the dark side in the absence of their loving human counterparts, it's up to Reynolds to prevent their evil doings from infiltrating the real world. No word yet on Krasinski's character in the film. (Please, please let him be the the imaginary friends' evil leader!)

Paramount reportedly won an intense bidding war for the project, besting Lionsgate and Sony for the opportunity to bring the flick to life. Final negotiations are ongoing. (Viacom is the parent company of both Paramount and MTV News.)

Imaginary Friends would mark the first onscreen project for Krasinski and Reynolds, though it wouldn't be their first team-up. Who could forget their 2018 double date with wives Emily Blunt and Blake Lively? We can only assume their real-life bond will really make this movie shine.