John Mayer Isn’t At All Mad That He Has To Share A Release Date With Kendrick Lamar

TFW it’s totally fine

Today (April 14), John Mayer celebrates the release of his latest album The Search for Everything, but not before he celebrates the release of Kendrick Lamar's new album, DAMN.

In fact, Mayer is so excited to listen to DAMN. that he has all but proclaimed that Kendrick's album release takes precedence over his own. In an Instagram post, Mayer photoshopped the already iconic stylized DAMN. title over a photo of himself as an IRL shrug emoji.

"When one of your favorite artists slides into that Friday release schedule and will handily take the number one slot but you're too excited to listen to it to even care," he wrote in the caption.

Sounds like he's really, genuinely happy for K. Dot, with no hints of passive aggression or bitterness anywhere in sight. Good for John Mayer.