Mac Miller Fights Corey Feldman To The Death In 'S.D.S.' Video

Mac Miller dons a cape, tights and a fanny pack in the brand-new clip.

With great rap power comes great rap responsibility, and in his new music video, Mac Miller refuses to stand by idly while hip-hop evil-doers threaten his beats and rhymes.

On Wednesday night (April 24), after a "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" marathon on MTV2, the Pittsburgh spitter premiered the video for his first Watching Movies with the Sound Off single, [article id="1706160"]"S.D.S."[/article] (a.k.a "Somebody Do Something"). At the start of the clip we find the gold-selling rapper in a science laboratory with his bulldog mixing chemicals, which ultimately wind up giving him super powers.

Mac's newfound super strength and ability to fly gives him the confidence to go out and fight purse-snatchers in patchwork tights, a cape and orange fanny-pack. Miller is clearly fearless in the Rex Arrow-directed clip, laughing in the face of danger and fashion faux-pas. "Close my eyes before I cross the street/ A car about to hit me then he oughta beep," he raps to start the humorous clip.

As his powers grow, so does the caliber of his foes. Things are seemingly going well for Super Mac -- a flock of models fawn and fight over him -- but things get serious when former child actor Corey Feldman plays his arch-nemesis and gets the jump on Miller.

Like the track, the "S.D.S." video is light-hearted and fun, similar to the vibes found in the knee-slapping videos for Eminem's "Without Me" and Busta Rhymes' "Dangerous." For the most part, the lyrics in "S.D.S." are free-associative, with creative verbal twists, but no real reason to the rhymes. In the video, however, Mac has one clear mission: take down Feldman and save his Lois Lane, who is trapped in a bird cage. After a "Karate Kid" crane kick and a Mike Tyson-like upper cut, Miller sends Feldman falling to his death, and he and his dame walk off holding hands.

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