Brace Yourselves: There's Going To Be An 8th 'Harry Potter' Book

'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' is coming to a bookstore near you.

After fans learned a Harry Potter sequel was coming to London in the form of a stage play, they collectively (and understandably) lost their minds. Finally, we'll get to see what happens with Harry's son Albus ater he's forced to deal with "a family legacy he never wanted," according to Pottermore.

But after tickets for the show at the Palace Theatre London sold out faster than you can say "Alohomora," many fans felt like a Dementor had sucked out their soul.

Thankfully, there's another way to enjoy the Harry Potter story for those who couldn't get tickets: Read the book. On Wednesday (Feb. 10), publisher Little, Brown UK shared some super exciting news. Starting Jul. 31, fans will be able to buy the script book for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

This is not a drill, people. You'll soon be able to READ a new Harry Potter story like you're 10 years old again. Although reading a script is quite different than reading a novel, it's still going to be filled with all the magic and wizardry you've loved since Day 1.

Pottermore also shared the announcement on Twitter, and fans couldn't contain their excitement.

Even author J.K. Rowling got in on the Twitter action, retweeted both Little, Brown UK and Pottermore's tweets, and responded to one of her own after someone jokingly asked if it's a prequel.

Let's celebrate today, Potterheads!

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