Tyler The Creator Returns With New Album, 'Igor', Out Next Week

After two creepy teasers, the album has been confirmed

The recent arrival of two, weird teaser videos by Tyler The Creator's seemed to indicate new music by our favorite Flower Boy was coming soon. Then, a leaked Sony document stoked expectations of something new before June 30. Today, these bits of hints have congealed into an announcement. Tyler The Creator is releasing a new album on May 17.

In true Tyler fashion, his announcement of Igor was sudden and without warning. He tweeted the name of the LP and its release date along with two head-scratching pieces of art. The first is a picture of him without any eyebrows, captioned "ALL SONGS WRITTEN, PRODUCED, AND ARRANGED BY TYLER OKONMA." The second looks like a caricature of sorts.

The artistic style of these two pictures aligns with those creepy teasers that he released last week, one on May 1, and the other on May 3. In the first, a collage of blonde-afro'd Tylers look out in the distance. They all put on their weirdest expressions and jitter while distorted music plays in the background. The second clip starts off with an empty talk show stage before the camera turns and finds the rapper wearing sunglasses and a platinum blonde wig, dancing like a madman while some energetic music courses in the background.

It's about time that Tyler the Creator releases something new. His last studio LP was 2017's critically-acclaimed Flower Boy.