Marilyn Manson Concert, Other Denver Events Cancelled In Wake Of High School Shooting

As those close to Columbine High School try to cope with this week's tragic events, people in nearby Denver are trying to remain respectful and observe a period of mourning.

The National Rifle Association has announced plans to scale back its annual convention in Denver next week, and now promoters have cancelled a Marilyn Manson show set for the area later this month.

Responding to a request from Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, promoters have cancelled radio station KBPI's Birthday Bash, which was to have featured sets by Second Coming, Nashville Pussy, and Manson.

The station, which had planned to hold the show on April 30 at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, announced the move in a statement reading, "In light of recent events at Columbine High School, we as responsible members of the community, feel that we must do the right thing.

A spokesperson for the Mayor told MTV News that Webb believed a Manson concert would be "inappropriate" at this time, as the two

teenage gunmen were fans of the band.

The show was to have marked the station's 28th birthday.

Shortly after the shooting, which left 15 dead (including gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold), reports surfaced in which the Columbine High School doctor claimed that the two young shooters were Manson fans. Responding to numerous press requests, Manson issued a statement that read, "It's tragic and disgusting anytime young people's lives are taken in an act of senseless violence. My condolences go out to the students and their families.

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