Austin Mahone Catcalls His Crush In 'MMM Yeah' Preview: Listen Now

Mahone will premiere his new single on Friday.

Austin Mahone is back and ready to make you dance again. The "Banga Banga" singer is giving his Mahomies an early taste of his new single "MMM Yeah," featuring Mr. Worldwide himself: Pitbull.

The club banger, judging from the 10-second snippet, is all about crushing on a girl from afar. "I asked her name/ But she turned away/ As she walked/ All that I could say was / Mmm mmm yeah," he sings. The full song will premiere on Friday on New York radio station Z-100. It is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Mahone is already thinking up visuals for the song. According to his Instagram, he shot a lyric video in L.A. last week. The '70s-themed photos show Mahone rocking a gold chain and blonde afro.

The singer is prepping the release of his long-simmering debut album.

"My new album, I'm still putting it together, you know the reason why it's taking so long is because I just want to make [sure], you know, every song on there is perfect," Mahone told MTV News back in December. "I want my first album to just be crazy, like, 'Aw man this kid is like, this came out of nowhere, he's got an insane album,' so, I mean, I've worked with so many talented producers and so I just want to pick the right songs for it."

Fans can also look forward to Mahone's cameo in Will Arnett's CBS sitcom "The Millers." Little is known about the appearance, but the 17-year-old will be doing a little singing when he stops by to play a young version of Adam (Nelson Franklin), Arnett's brother-in-law on the show.

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