Cam'ron Wasn't In The Studio With Just Blaze For 'Dipsh--s,' But He 'Would Love To' Work With Him Again

Killa tells MTV News about the state of his relationship with the producer.

With reporting by Rob Markman

There's no denying Cam'ron and Just Blaze have incredible chemistry. Together the charismatic rapper and multiplatinum producer have cooked up some unforgettable tracks and they did it once again, earlier this week, when they dropped "Dipsh--s."

"It's been a long time -- maybe ten years," Cam'ron told MTV News at the 5th annual FlashFWD Awards. "I just had a show with Just, actually, in D.C. about three weeks ago. So, me and Just are still in communication and we're still good, but we haven't actually been in a session together for a while."

The track, which will be included on Cam and A-Trak's upcoming Federal Reserve EP, was co-produced by A-Trak, Just Blaze, and Oliver; they just weren't all in the studio at the same time.

"With the way technology works these days, A-Trak can come bring me a session, and I can end up changing the entire thing," Just told MTV News on Friday (May 16).

And that's kind of what happened. Just says A-Trak and Oliver brought him the beat -- after Cam had rapped on it -- and he ended up stripping it down, removing the sample, adding in live instrumentation, changing the drums and adding Dame Dash's rant at the end.

It wasn't a quick process, either.

"I was working on the master to that record up until eight hours before the video came out," Just said, adding that it took him about a month to finish the record.

"As soon as I sent A-Trak the final, they synced it up to the video, and the video went up the next morning."

With bangers on their resume like "Oh Boy," "I Really Mean It" and "Welcome to New York City," the chemistry between Cam and Just is undeniable. But they had a bit of a falling out, which they both put behind them.

“I walked into the studio one day and Cam said to me, ‘You should’ve been Dipset,’” the producer explained on an episode of "RapFix Live" in 2011. “He had just bought like 10 Dipset chains, so I was like, ‘I need my chain — wassup?’”

Back in 2011, the producer made it seem like another collaboration was a long shot. "It’s not beef, it’s not drama, but if the vibe ain’t there," he said. “That being said, I’ve done records or done beats where I’d be like, ‘He would’ve killed this,’ but the lines of communication ain’t open like that.”

Now, thankfully, it sounds like those lines have once again been restored.

"We been speaking or whatever, but I don't have a date when we're gonna be in the studio," Cam told MTV News. "It's not exed out. I would love to work with Just again."