EXCLUSIVE: BROODS' 'L.A.F' Is Perfect For Those Hot Summer Nights

Grab a friend, and get loose.

The new look this summer and last seems to be ... being from New Zealand. Case in point: Lorde first demolished the scene at this time last year with "Royals." And this summer, we're primed to be hearing a lot more about kiwi duo, BROODS, who are premiering their new single, "L.A.F," exclusively on MTV Wednesday (July 2).

Lorde was hip to BROODS -- probably because they share the same genius producer Joel Little -- way back in October of last year, tweeting a link to their single "Bridges," laced with tons of praise. (Don't worry if this is the first you're hearing of them. We've already established that Lorde is cooler than you and, besides, we have this shiny new track to listen to NOW.)

"Kissing in the hallways/ Turn off all the lights/ Fragments of a lost love dissolve into the night/ And I'll never get this feeling out of my head/ And I never wanna be the one you forget," sings the brother/sister duo's Georgia Nott over a spare beat -- a beat that then explodes into a jam like too much oxygen and crashing waves and making out for the first time under the stars.

Singer Georgia Nott told MTV News that the song is one of their most experimental -- but it deals with something pretty universal: hanging with friends.

"It's a friend group-type looking out for each other kind of song," she said. "It's about that phase that you go through when you hit 18 and everyone starts going out and they start going to parties. It's about experiencing all that new and exciting nightlife-type thing as a friend group."

See if you can spot the Spice Girls reference. Georgia and her pals are fans of singing along to the '90s girl group.

As for that title: "We come up with something really silly and just kept it," Nott explained. "It's a really dumb acronym to something rude ... The first two letters are 'loose as.'" We can guess the last word, probably.

The jam, which officially drops in October, is just the latest effort from the New Zealand band, whose self-titled EP is out now. Their debut LP, Evergreen -- which features "L.A.F" and previously released single "Mother & Father" -- is scheduled to drop this fall.

Until then, you can hear more BROODS on this season of "Catfish" (which just happens to be on tonight!). They're the show's featured artist, and you'll be hearing BROODS jams "Never Gonna Change", "Taking You There," "Bridges" and "Mother & Father" on the show.

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