The Chris Pratt Raptor Meme Challenge Has Officially Been Won… By Chris Pratt

#Squad Goals

Chris Pratt started a worldwide craze when he threw up his hands to tame a trio of raptors in the new movie "Jurassic World." EVERYBODY started doing it, from real-life zookeepers to Robert Downey Jr.

But of course, as the meme's founder, Chris Pratt consistently blows all of our "Jurassic World" pics out of the water by doing adorable things like recreating the scene with children -- and this latest pic from his Instagram is going to be hard to top

"In this hectic world #LegoOwen takes a moment to reflect along with some fish and his dope ass #RaptorSquad at Happo-en, a traditional Japanese garden," his Instagram description wrote.

Of course, Happo-en isn't the only place that Chris Pratt's LEGO alter ego has gone! He's been traveling all around the world for the "Jurassic World" global press tour, and Pratt's taken some pretty adorable pictures of him and his mini-raptor squad -- and even some video! See for yourself:

Tokyo Tower, Japan

Zojoji Temple, Japan

Brandenberg Gate, Germany

Buckingham Palace, England

Republique Square, France

The sound effect is what really makes this one.

Versailles, France

Complete with a killer John Williams score!

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