Vintage Lady Gaga! Watch Gaga On MTV's 'Boiling Points' In 2005

Before she was a freaky fashion icon, fake-feuding with Madonna on Saturday Night Live, or launching ill-fated tours with Kanye West, Lady Gaga, like many cash-strapped New Yorkers, would do just about anything for $100. Including be on MTV's Boiling Points, which was an MTV hidden camera reality show that was kind of like Punk'd in that the point was to annoy people, except without the assistance of a perpetually-cracking-up Ashton Kutcher. If the unknowing subjects -- in this case, Lady Gaga -- didn't lose their s++t, they'd get $100.

See what happened when a Boiling Points waitress came between a virtually unrecognizable brunette Lady Gaga (she's far easier to recognize when covered in blood or walking with a Bedazzled cane) and her lunch in Gaga's unknowing MTV debut. (Spoiler: Gaga doesn't get the hundred bucks. Oh well. She ended up with "The Fame." Get it? See what I did there?)